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Hey there, Sweetie!

Uh, oh, sorry, no. I, ehm, I wasn’t referring to you. I was talking about this new fruit I met. It’s called Sweetie or Oroblanco. And this fun citrus fruit is new to me anyway.

Oroblancos are a cross between a grapefruit and a pomelo (another really good  fruit you need to try!) As you can see, they have a smooth greenish-yellow peel.  The rind is thicker than a normal grapefruit and the flesh is very pale yellow and seedless.  But what really matters is the wonderful mild, sweet-tart flavor.



Is there anything that you don’t like, that you feel you should like, because all your friends love it, or because adults eat/drink it? Grapefruits are one of those things for me. I feel like I really should like them, I really want to like them. I love bitter – beer, coffee, realllllly dark chocolate, did I mention beer? – but I could never get into grapefruit. (And eating grapefruit with ½ pound of sugar doesn’t count!) So, when I tried the oroblanco I was overjoyed – I could finally eat something like a grapefruit, and really like it!


Hang on, what’s that other fruit I see?  Oh, those. Well, when I was at the store I saw that they had a great deal on blood oranges. And I thought “The more vitamin C the better!” so I grabbed some of those, too. I think they look so cool on the inside. And while the oroblanco wasn’t quite as bitter/tart as a grapefruit, mixing in a couple of blood oranges resulted in a refreshingly flavorful juice.


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