6 posts from January 2016

Fried tofu with bok choy and baby corn

I grew up in a small town of about 50,000 people – ok, not TOO small, but small enough. According to the 2000 US census, there were 0.26% Chinese people living in the city then. So, I’m guessing that number was even smaller in the mid 70s when my family became friends with maybe the only Chinese family in town. I wasn’t much more than 6 the first time we all went to their first restaurant, located in what was then the Meriden Mall. I can remember thinking how special and ... Continue Reading

Buffalo cauliflower bites with blue cheese dip

The Super Bowl and Chinese New Year's Eve, both fall on Sunday, February 7th. These very different events, call for very different foods. So, in preparation for these two festivities, my next few recipes will be a fun assortment of all-American appetizers and Chinese favorites. First up  - Buffalo bites! For some reason, when I think of Buffalo wings, I think of American football. While these massive guys are running around working hard on the field, we’re drinking beer and soda, ... Continue Reading

Grilled cheese sandwich with caramelized onions and pineapple

It seems that the majority of the time you read or hear about plant-based food, the focus is on health – how it’s good for you, good for your heart or low in saturated fat, etc. Unless of course we’re talking about dessert recipes, then all bets are off. Well, no, not really, even these recipes lean towards being healthier variants. And yes, overall, that's positive. However, there are a growing number of people who aren’t making the move to a plant-based diet for health ... Continue Reading

The ultimate muesli

When I say I've always been a cereal guy, I mean I started out as a cereal kid. And when I say cereal, I'm talkin’ Fruit Loops, Frankenberry, Lucky Charms, Cap'n Crunch… you know, all those wholesome, low sugar, best-way-to-start-your-day kids’ cereals. Ha! Almost got your there, didn't I? Wholesome, low sugar - who am I kiddin'?! It’s truly amazing the stuff that’s actually in these “foods”. First off, sugar. When you think about it, it's no wonder there are so many kids ... Continue Reading

Hey there, Sweetie!

Oroblancos are a cross between a grapefruit and a pomelo (another really good  fruit you need to try!) As you can see, they have a smooth greenish-yellow peel.  The rind is thicker than a normal grapefruit and the flesh is very pale yellow and seedless.  But what really matters is the wonderful mild, sweet-tart flavor.   Is there anything that you don't like, that you feel you should like, because all your friends love it, or because adults eat/drink it? Grapefruits are ... Continue Reading

Perfect plant milk – an oat/almond blend

I started drinking plant milk about seven years ago, and I fell for oat milk from the start. While almond milk seems to be the number one type of plant-based milk in the US, here in Sweden, it’s oat milk that makes the largest splash – or well, if you drop something into the milk it will make a splash. Or, uh, ok, forgot the splash part. One great thing about oat milk, especially making your own, is the price. Even if you live a lot closer than I do to California, where something ... Continue Reading