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Swedish Sandwich Cake

Sandwich and cake are two words that you normally wouldn't hear together, but this vegan version of the savory Swedish classic will have you saying these words over and over again in your head. And who knows, you might even catch yourself mumbling in Swedish: Smörgåstårta, smörgåstårta... While Gunnar Sjödahl is often credited as having invented the modern smörgåstårta in 1965, the word itself first appeared in writing in 1951, in a Swedish cookbook  But more than ten years ... Continue Reading

Grilled cheese w/ avocado, spinach and pesto

It seems like there is a day for everything in the U.S., and today is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich day! Seeing as how I already posted my favorite grilled cheese a little while ago, I had to come up with a new one. And since you guys are all crazy about avocados... Opening an avocado and seeing THIS stare back at you can turn a bad day into the best - like the rainbow after the storm. Yesterday I told you about just some of the many reasons avocados are good for you. I think there ... Continue Reading

Grilled cheese sandwich with caramelized onions and pineapple

It seems that the majority of the time you read or hear about plant-based food, the focus is on health – how it’s good for you, good for your heart or low in saturated fat, etc. Unless of course we’re talking about dessert recipes, then all bets are off. Well, no, not really, even these recipes lean towards being healthier variants. And yes, overall, that's positive. However, there are a growing number of people who aren’t making the move to a plant-based diet for health ... Continue Reading