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Black bean empanadas

Black bean empanadas! Or are they pasties?  Call 'em what you like, but tuck some beans 'n' veggies into these tasty treats and tantalize your tastebuds today! Anyone who follows Planticize on Instagram knows that I've been going corn crazy this summer! Well, to be honest, it's not just this summer, it's every summer. So, while I'm calling these black bean empanadas, make no mistake about it, there's fresh corn in there, too. I just love fresh corn on the cob - plain and simple. Except, ... Continue Reading

Vegan TexMex Fiesta

It's ascension day today, and Sweden, for not being a very religious country, sure has a lot of religious holidays. Buttttt, that's not the holiday we're going to concern ourselves with - because today is also Cinco De Mayo, and I know which one is a lot more fun to celebrate! Like a lot of other people, I'm always up for a celebration - St Patrick's Day, National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, Swedish Midsummer - you name it, I'll celebrate it. Still, I always thought it was weird that ... Continue Reading