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Chickpea and macaroni stew

Since I used a good amount of aquafaba in my chocolate mud cake, I needed to find something to do with the actual chickpeas! Haha. And wouldn't you know that the very same day I found some old, handwritten recipes in my mom's handwriting, for a chickpea stew with tomatoes and elbow macaroni - and it was vegan?!?! "Elbow macaroni, Garbanzo bean and Tomato stew" she called it - not the world's catchiest name, mom, if you're reading from up there. (By the way, chickpeas are one of those ... Continue Reading

Pilaki (Turkish stew)

You know that you eat, sleep and dream food when you are constantly referring to and comparing real life events to MasterChef. And this time, I was faced with the Turkish mystery box challenge, featuring black-eyed peas and sivri peppers. Sometimes you pick a recipe and sometimes a recipe picks you! It all started when I saw this enormous bunch of long, pointy, green peppers at the supermarket. They looked so good and were so inexpensive that I just grabbed them before taking a really ... Continue Reading

One-pot Louisiana-style stew

Before we go any further, yes, this is 100% plant-based! I know, I know, it looks like there are shrimp in there - there are, vegan shrimp! These "shrimp" are made in Taiwan and contain only a very few, totally harmless ingredients: seaweed, wheat, salt, and natural spices/seasoning. That's it! I know that some people (mostly non-vegans for some strange reason) seem to take objection to the shape and form of this crazy creation, but the bottom line is - they're vegan and completely cruelty-fr... Continue Reading

Irish seitan stew and colcannon

When I first moved to Brighton, England I would often tell people I met that I was 25% Irish and 25% Scottish. I was trying to let them know that we had something in common and that I wasn't as alien as I might seem. Few people were impressed or had much to say about this at all. Then one day at my local pub, and old man said to me, "Son, it's pretty clear to me that you are 110% American. You might want to try saying 'my ancestors came from Ireland and Scotland' instead." As he took a sip ... Continue Reading