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Chickpea and macaroni stew

Since I used a good amount of aquafaba in my chocolate mud cake, I needed to find something to do with the actual chickpeas! Haha. And wouldn't you know that the very same day I found some old, handwritten recipes in my mom's handwriting, for a chickpea stew with tomatoes and elbow macaroni - and it was vegan?!?! "Elbow macaroni, Garbanzo bean and Tomato stew" she called it - not the world's catchiest name, mom, if you're reading from up there. (By the way, chickpeas are one of those ... Continue Reading

Vegan scallops with pesto pasta

When September rolls around, I start thinking of autumn, and autumn reminds me of mushrooms, and mushrooms remind me of scallops and... Wait, what? Did I lose you? Well, that's understandable I guess. But keep reading and I'll let you in on a fantastic secret: How to make vegan scallops using these incredible mushrooms! These are not your ordinary, everyday, run of the mill kind of mushrooms. These are king oyster mushrooms! As their name hints, they are huge! More importantly for us, ... Continue Reading

Tricolor pasta salad with homemade mayo and tofu (v)egg

Are there any dishes or foods that your mom (or dad) used to make that you associate with certain occasions? This pasta salad is one of those dishes that just screams "mom" and "summer" to me! When I was a kid I didn't necessarily think of my mom as a good cook or a bad cook - just as "the" cook.  I wasn't so advanced in my culinary knowledge that I could critique how she made something. The important thing was what she made and when she made it. Once she had made something that I ... Continue Reading

Swedish Meatless Balls

People that know me well, know I have a hard time making up my mind, especially when it comes to something like choosing only ONE dish at a restaurant! That's why it probably won't come as surprise to hear that way back, when I was quite a little kid and my mom asked me what I wanted to eat, my reply was "Can we have a smorgasbord?" You see, I've always been destined to live in Sweden. But no, sorry, no smörgåsbord (the real Swedish spelling) of recipes today, only one - Swedish meatless ... Continue Reading

Cashew ricotta and spinach cannelloni

When we think of Italian food, many of us think pasta (or yes, pizza, of course!). At first, you might not think that pasta would be an issue in a plant-based diet, but that isn't really the case. While normal, dry pasta is almost always 100% plant-based, fresh pasta contains eggs. I know a lot of people consider fresh pasta to be superior, but in many dishes that doesn't really need to the case, and well, dry pasta is a whole lot cheaper! As a kid, I always loved ravioli. Ah, man it ... Continue Reading