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Chickpea and macaroni stew

Since I used a good amount of aquafaba in my chocolate mud cake, I needed to find something to do with the actual chickpeas! Haha. And wouldn't you know that the very same day I found some old, handwritten recipes in my mom's handwriting, for a chickpea stew with tomatoes and elbow macaroni - and it was vegan?!?! "Elbow macaroni, Garbanzo bean and Tomato stew" she called it - not the world's catchiest name, mom, if you're reading from up there. (By the way, chickpeas are one of those ... Continue Reading

Burmese tofu three ways

Man do I have a special treat for you! A quick and simple base recipe for homemade Burmese tofu and then, not one, not two, but THREE different ways to use it! This is Burmese tofu three ways. "Burmese tofu? What the heck is that!?" you might ask. Well, despite it's name, it's not made from soybeans, but from chickpeas! Or, chickpea flour to be precise. The color you see in the photo above is due to a small amount of turmeric. Other than chickpea flour and turmeric, the only other ... Continue Reading

Easy chana dal tadka

The 1st rule of Vegan Club: Vegans love chickpeas! Falafels, hummus, aquafaba, chickpea flour, Burmese tofu... the list is long. That said, I'm not so sure how many people think about chickpeas when they think about Indian dal. More often than not you'll see the word dal translated as "lentils". However, dal really means "split". As you can imagine, a whole lot of the things can be "split" - lentils, peas, mung beans, chickpeas - you name it. I like lentils, but the 2nd rule of Vegan ... Continue Reading