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Deviled (v)eggs

Whether you follow Planticize regularly, or not, I feel I need to start off this post with some "excuses", and a quick little rant, if for no one else than myself. I have not been writing, cooking nor photographing my creations nearly as much as I'd have liked this past few weeks. One huge reason for that is that things are breaking: doors, faucets, keyboards, monitors, my cat (well a couple of his teeth anyway)... and that's just the start of it. Of course, always having my priorities in ... Continue Reading

Facon and (v)eggs

I have a confession to make. I broke one of my own little rules when I wrote the title to this post and recipe. Sorry, about that - sometimes it's hard to come up with a catchy, fitting name. I've lost count of the number of times that people have asked me why we use terms like "hot dogs" or "cheese" or "insert name of anything that people think we shouldn't be able to use anymore" when making a vegan, plant-based version of a dish.  While part of me can understand the confusion of ... Continue Reading

Eggless chickpea and kale quiche

There are lot of ways to replace the different properties of eggs in plant-based recipes, and this one makes use of three of them. If you've been following Planticize, you'll recognize the use of freshly ground flax seeds that were also in my vegan powerhouse cookies. The main reason for using ground flax seeds is due to their binding properties when mixed with water. But if we are going to planticize a quiche, we'll need more than that. And that's where chickpea flour comes in. ... Continue Reading