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Pumpkin Stout Muffins

I'm going for a record here - three recipes in a row using some kind of beer! I'm not really sure where this is going - will I become the vegan-friendly beer chef? Haha. One thing is for sure, if you are a vegan, and you bake these incredible Pumpkin Stout Muffins, there will soon be a whole lot of vegan-friendly people inviting themselves over to your place for dessert! My middle brother (you know, the troublemaker of the family) used to work for a beer importer who imported British and ... Continue Reading

Vegan Calamari

You guys still in the autumn spirit out there? I sure hope so! We've done pumpkins, we've done apples, and now here comes.... Vegan calamari!!! And do you know why they are related to the fall season? Well, because they are made from mushrooms! The absolutely fabulous King Oyster Mushrooms to be more precise! Yes indeed, these are the same incredible mushrooms that I used to make my vegan scallops with. If you read that post, then you'll remember that these bad boys have a texture and ... Continue Reading

App-ale Pie

When October rolls into town, pumpkins seem to get all the attention. Even I'm guilty of going pumpkin crazy. However, let's not forget apples! And what about Oktoberfest and beer? Or, how about we go crazy and cook some apples in some beer and make an App-ale Pie!? Apples have been one of my favorite fruits ever since I was a kid, especially those lovely green Granny Smith apples! I just love that tartness. I was thinking about using a mix of apples for this pie, when I came across ... Continue Reading

Vegan-friendly beer and wine sorbet

In case you've somehow managed to miss it, there's a global heat wave going on at the moment. So, I decided to treat you (and myself of course!) to one of the coolest desserts out there right now - Sor-beer! That's the fun name for a sorbet made with beer! But if you're not a beer person, I've got you covered too, with an equally cool red wine and raspberry sorbet! This sorbet is based on a recipe that local ice cream makers Stikki Nikki and brewers Carlsberg Sweden came up with. And ... Continue Reading

Vegan TexMex Fiesta

It's ascension day today, and Sweden, for not being a very religious country, sure has a lot of religious holidays. Buttttt, that's not the holiday we're going to concern ourselves with - because today is also Cinco De Mayo, and I know which one is a lot more fun to celebrate! Like a lot of other people, I'm always up for a celebration - St Patrick's Day, National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, Swedish Midsummer - you name it, I'll celebrate it. Still, I always thought it was weird that ... Continue Reading

Fooled Pork (Vegan pulled pork)

When I remembered that the 1st of April was rapidly approaching, I knew exactly what recipe I wanted to post - I couldn't possibly think of a better recipe for April Fools Day, than Fooled Pork! This was such huge hit a few years ago, but I didn't have my blog then, so here I am bringing it to you now. People that have been eating a plant-based diet for a while may have seen it before, but I know there are lots of you out there that still need to be won over to the light side of the force and ... Continue Reading