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Burmese tofu three ways

Man do I have a special treat for you! A quick and simple base recipe for homemade Burmese tofu and then, not one, not two, but THREE different ways to use it! This is Burmese tofu three ways. "Burmese tofu? What the heck is that!?" you might ask. Well, despite it's name, it's not made from soybeans, but from chickpeas! Or, chickpea flour to be precise. The color you see in the photo above is due to a small amount of turmeric. Other than chickpea flour and turmeric, the only other ... Continue Reading

Peking (not really) Duck

So, I promised to continue my Chinese story that I started a few posts ago. For a good 8 years, from my late teens to my mid 20s I think I ate Chinese food and drank Chinese beer most days of the week. Often, it would be my 4th meal of the day (or my first, depending on where your day starts) sitting in the back room of my Chinese friend’s restaurant around a large round table, after closing hours, with the workers. It’s often the custom that all the food goes in the middle and its ... Continue Reading