5 posts from July 2016

Vegan-friendly beer and wine sorbet

In case you've somehow managed to miss it, there's a global heat wave going on at the moment. So, I decided to treat you (and myself of course!) to one of the coolest desserts out there right now - Sor-beer! That's the fun name for a sorbet made with beer! But if you're not a beer person, I've got you covered too, with an equally cool red wine and raspberry sorbet! This sorbet is based on a recipe that local ice cream makers Stikki Nikki and brewers Carlsberg Sweden came up with. And ... Continue Reading

Raw rice paper wraps and satay sauce

It's summertime, and the livin' is easy. But it's also pretty warm out there, so whadaya say about another delicious, no cooking, raw treat? There's a whole lot of people out there these days using rice paper wrappers to make "bacon", but I'm going to keep it old school for now and use these wrappers for what they were intended for  - wrapping! No, no, no, I don't mean "Yo yo yo," I mean wrapping veggies. Rice paper, which you soak in water until it's soft, can be a little tricky to ... Continue Reading

Dairy-free Mango Lassi

India may have the lowest rate of meat consumption in the world, as well as the highest percent of vegetarians, but they still love their dairy. For now, we'll forgive them for that, since they helped to inspire this dairy-free version of their traditional mango lassi - a refreshing, milkshake-like drink! When the hot summer months roll into town, everyone heads for the shade, the pool or the fridge - all looking for something to cool themselves down. That's where this delicious, ... Continue Reading

Watermelon salad with basil/lime dressing

Coffee and doughnuts, peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, watermelon and basil.... Wait. What?! Watermelon and basil?!?! That's right, watermelon and basil. If you've never paired these two flavors together, it's time you gave them a try! About a month ago I was watching an episode from the sixth season of America's Masterchef when Derrick,the rock drummer, made some kind of basil-infused, compressed watermelon thing. OK, so yeah, the whole compression thing was cool, but on a ... Continue Reading

Tricolor pasta salad with homemade mayo and tofu (v)egg

Are there any dishes or foods that your mom (or dad) used to make that you associate with certain occasions? This pasta salad is one of those dishes that just screams "mom" and "summer" to me! When I was a kid I didn't necessarily think of my mom as a good cook or a bad cook - just as "the" cook.  I wasn't so advanced in my culinary knowledge that I could critique how she made something. The important thing was what she made and when she made it. Once she had made something that I ... Continue Reading